Levels of Decay

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Levels of Decay

OPENING: Friday November 27th, 20:00
DURATION: November 27th – January 8th, 2015

Decay is a concept that preoccupies humanity directly or indirectly since antiquity. Pre-Socratic philosophers approached decay in a cosmological way much like they approached the nature of matter. Empedocles, combining the most prevalent cosmological principles of his time, taught that the Universe can be composed of and decomposed into the four changeless elements of water, earth, wind and fire. With this multi-elemental notion Empedocles explained birth and decay as a “mixing” and “composite” of the four unchangeable elements, which in different proportion and relation to each other make up every physical form. After Plato and the transition to the era of humanism, thinkers started using the concept of decay in reference to the sociopolitical aspect of human development. Aristotle, in his work “On Generation and Corruption” talks about the distinction between governmental powers and the interaction between them, which eventually results in the corruption of a governmental system at the political level as this system becomes similar to another. As a matter of fact Aristotle mentions demagogy as a prime factor for this mutation. In the modern era, where scientific knowledge is established as the prime factor in human evolution, decay becomes part of the transformation of matter and energy from one state to another, thus becoming part of an eternal mutation cycle. Lavoisier came to the conclusion that “Nothing disappears and nothing is created on its own during chemical phenomena. Only changes and alterations of matter occur, while there is always an equal amount of matter before and after the chemical reaction. Today in CERN scientists strive to discover how matter was born and what was the source of the energy that caused the fist particle fusion. The CERN scientists believe that the information about the decay of matter and energy is also contained in the source of their birth. The artists, in a parallel course with the scientists, record in their own vocabulary decay as a propensity towards entropy. The natural tendency of matter and spirit towards disorder and chaos is recorded in each work’s medium as an unrepentant statement and a validation of a direct course to disarray without second thoughts or pointless remorse.

Participants: Theoni Dimitropoulou, Nikos Giavropoulos, Nikos Gyftakis, Sophia Kourkoulakou, Giorgos Lymperopoulos, Elena Poka, Eri Skyrgianni, Christos Soularis, Georgia Tourmouzi, Maro Vasiliadou, Marina Velisioti.

Curator: Christos Soularis

More: http://wp.me/p2wFE3-rX

Visiting hours: Tuesday, Thursday 16:00 – 9:00, Saturday 12:00 – 16:00

ARTWALL Project Space
26 Sofokleous Str., Athens 10552

The ARTWALL art space was initiated in 2012, as a showcase devoted to contemporary art and a catalyst for discussion and collaboration among artists and art professionals. The ARTWALL art program is designed and implemented by Fotini Kapiris, artist, curator and co-founder of CAMP! Contemporary Art Meeting Point and CHEAPART (North Athens), so as to meet requirements and standards of contemporary artistic production. Fresh Hotel, actively supportive of this effort, recognizes the demand for this cultural spot within the center of Athens.