Searching for a «GODOT»

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Searching for a «GODOT»


Was I sleeping while the others suffered?
Waiting for Godot, Sammuel Beckett

‪Opening: Friday, January 15th, 2016, 20:00‬
‪Duration: January 15th – February 13th, 2016‬

‪Almost 68 years from Waiting for Godot first edition, one of the most important theatrical plays that marked the previous century, “Godot” seems to preserve his timeliness more than ever.‬

‪The visual art project Searching for a Godot- Deus Ex Machina’s stories attempts within a contemporary approach to feature the conceptual pluralism of Waiting for Godot as well as its political and social aspect focusing on exploring the Deus ex-Machina theory.‬

‪Godot’s story, though, did not start in the mid-20th century. Deus ex-Machina theory originates in ancient greek theatre and continues to stay alive even today. Waiting for Godot launches in the ‘50s opening a new chapter in the history of theatre.‬

‪We should search who is and what “Godot” stands for, that his arrival is pathetically waited and will be waited infinitely by Beckett’s two anti-heroes, as many of Beckett’s researchers attempted to – others matching him to God, others to death – it would be as if we were missing the wideness of the play’s symbolism.‬

‪The play seems to have particular response in times of social and political crisis. At the present financial circumstance “Godot’s” timeliness is renewed once more.‬

Participating artists: Christos Chrissopoulos, Minos Kefalas, Panagiotis Kefalas, Maria Kosmadaki, Efsevia Michailidou, Aliki Palaska, Evi Roumani.

Curator: Maria Xypolopoulou

More: ‪https://theartwall.wordpress.com/2015/12/19/searching-for-a-godot-deus-deus-ex-machinas-stories/

Visiting hours: Tuesday, Thursday 16:00 – 21:00, Friday 17:00 – 21:00, Saturday 13:00 – 16:00

ARTWALL Project Space
26 Sofokleous Str., Athens 10552
artwallprojectspace@gmail.com, www.theartwall.gr

The ARTWALL art space was initiated in 2012, as a showcase devoted to contemporary art and a catalyst for discussion and collaboration among artists and art professionals. The ARTWALL art program is designed and implemented by Fotini Kapiris, artist, curator and co-founder of CAMP! Contemporary Art Meeting Point, so as to meet requirements and standards of contemporary artistic production. Fresh Hotel, actively supportive of this effort, recognizes the demand for this cultural spot within the center of Athens.‬



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