Crossing the Limit

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Crossing the Limit

Opening: Tuesday April 5th 2016, 20:00
Duration: 5.4 – 5.5.2016

“Crossing the limit” project by FIST opens on Tuesday, April 5th, 2016 at the ArtWall Athens Project Space.
FIST artist collective assembles to present an entity of work on the concept of the “limit”, of the limited or restricted, of the disciplined or pre-defined; elements of condition that exist within an overall systemized environment. This set of restrictive (in cases defective) rules is of primary concern for the viability of the group itself, and for the long life of artistic coexistence among the members.

The newly established art group explores the “limit” as perceived both individually and collectively. What are the aesthetic and/or conceptual parameters involved in intimate collaboration? Is art practice a joint process, or a compilation of individual practices under a common thematic? What is the limit (if any) to this?

This remains to be seen.

“Crossing the limit” goes beyond aesthetic restrictions, involving a wide and diverse range of expressive medium. As mentioned above, the project is a visual study of the parameters of limit (and limitation) and associated aesthetic and theoretical complexities. Issues of limit within, nature and the artwork, color and form, the underlying and the explicit (expressed), spatial limits such as exhibition space and in general, of all limits imposed, preserved or subverted within a compromised agenda of art or from within the wider social community.

FIST is a visual artists’ group established in 2015 by four young artists, Zoe Filippou, Anestis Ioannou, Vangelis Savvas and Dimitris Tzikopoulos, in Ioannina, North west of Greece. The group works as a creative body, reflecting on a variety of issues via dialogue and debate; through diverse mediums and a range of conceptual approaches.

Zoe Phillipou defines “limit” through an allocation of often conflicting issues. The criterion for her choice of subject matter is the source of conflict between them, as they continue to co-exist. This raises questions on issues of distinction and impartiality, of the subjective and objective and the degree of control accustom to each condition. She uses everyday objects and symbols in a paradoxical manner, to connect the viewer with her work of art. In so, she invokes the personal and autobiographical element of “myth”, placing it within a wider, impersonal environment.

Anestis Ioannou reflects on the limits of the canvas, finding it to be quite restrictive. He is influenced by the invisible borders and territorial conditions of the urban setting, including aesthetic and cultural values. Anestis Ioannou tests the limit in form’ while seeking the border between public and private (exhibition) space. In his work he transforms an object and disassociates it from its former identity, through a variety of practices. He seeks limits in the component of material, same as in the real life situations, thus moving in and out from the spontaneous and instinctive to the premeditated, from real to the beautified, from the pristine to the damaged.

Vangelis Savvas tackles the social aspect of limit, as he revises objects and their functionality. He uses symbolic objects, and re-composes them to comment on social exclusion and voidance of Human Rights. The limit is expressed as geographical boundary but also as an acupuncture of survival.

Dimitris Tzikopoulos seeks elements of fragility as concurring forces that collide and interact. The action-reaction cause in both artwork materials and within the very concept of the work creates a direct association to social tension and violence, and given order within society.

ARTWALL Project Space
26 Sofokleous Str., Athens 10552

Visiting hours: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 17:00 – 21:00, Saturday 13:00 – 16:00

More: https://theartwall.wordpress.com/2016/03/23/crossing-the-limit-f-i-s-t-artwall
“Crossing the Limit” by FIST exhibition is a part of the Offspring Young Artists / Offspaces International Research Program for the cultivation and facilitation of new generation artistic practice.



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