fresh souvenirs

Α selection of authentic culture artifacts inspired by our rich Greek heritage.

Laid back on Mount Olympus’ summit, he reminisces his former glory and avidly fools around with the unsuspecting maidens. Whispers from his divine court say that resistance is punished with lightning strike.

He’s a crier for Attica’s traditional taverns, but he dreams of the moment when he will become a guardian of the Parliament. During work time he eats souvlaki and whistles cunningly… His favourite game… «silent statues».


Wooden hanging blackboard
in the shape of rustic shoe.
Designer: Trouve mon Bouton
Dimentions: 20x15cm


Handmade bookmark made out of embroidery canvas, red thread and pom pom.
Designer: Which cat?
Dimensions 15 Χ 7cm